People singing to jukeboxes on the Central Coast

    Pool Tables, Jukeboxes, Pinball Machines and More in the Central Coast Area


    A must for all locations, pool tables encourage both new and existing customers to stay longer, leading directly to add-on sales in other areas such as bar, food and gaming. Our pool tables come in standard pub sizes 7' x 3' 6" with a slate surface covered with English Wool Cloth, but various styles and colours available.

    Comes with:

    • Matching Overhead Light
    • Balls
    • Cues
    • Rack
    • Triangle
    • Chalk with holder
    • Enough spares so that you don't run out.

    If you wish to really maximise your pool table income then put a jukebox nearby.


    Jukeboxes are ideal when you want to keep patrons entertained and staying longer to spend more money at the bar or on food.

    We at Lakes Amusements will help you choose the correct location to make your jukebox really successful, and will regularly add the latest releases and catering to all types of patrons.

    Furthermore, we will also profile the music your patrons constantly play to entice them to play it more.

    The end result will achieve maximum usage, patron satisfaction and therefore profits.


    Arcade amusements have developed beyond the traditional video game and pinball machine.

    Now is the time to offer an alternative to the vintage style games.

    Patrons looking for that alternative entertainment outside the home will be happy to return to play whilst youngsters who having a good time will beg mum and dad to return there for their next outing.

    We operate on competitive profit shares percentages and believe that areas designated for coin-operated amusements can be utilised more productively, so that you can take advantage of greater earning potential.


    Along with Free Play, the AutoPlay option can be activated whereby the jukebox will continually play random selections, whilst still allowing patrons to make selections. This provides background music to be played at all times, but we can also have the jukebox play a song at a set time (i.e. every 10 or 20 minutes), rather than continuously.


    We have a large range of interactive and other 'ball' games, to suit any size location.

    We have found the Air Hockey, Ice Hockey, Sega Basketball and Sega Soccer to be the most popular with both kids and adults, making them ideal for areas where families can visit together.


    Machines that involve a prize have proved very popular as they evoke people’s competitive natures and provide a tangible award to the winner.

    Why not get one of these addictive machines in your venue?

    Call us today on 0418 430 893 to find out more about our great range of machines.

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