pool table

    Pool tables on the Central Coast


    Pool tables are a must for any location. Any place that wants to offer a fun experience to their customers has to have to have a table. Why? Because wherever a pool table is available, children, teens and adults are eager to create an exciting and competitive atmosphere by setting up the balls and triangle and getting ready to play. 

    Pool is a rare and favourable commodity, where most people already know the rules before coming to your establishment. There is no time wasted in learning new information — people can just start playing. This saves time for both you and your customers. 


    Our pool tables are the standard pub size (7’ x 3’ 6”) with a slate surface covered by English Wool Cloth. The cloth comes in a number of styles and colours, giving you the opportunity to match your table with your space.

    When you hire a pool table from Lakes Amusement, you receive the table, a matching overhead light, balls, cues, a rack, triangle and plenty of chalk and chalk holders so that you won’t run out. You’ll be able to provide a complete pool table experience to your guests and patrons.

    Our tables are made with the finest materials

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