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    Amusement machines on the Central Coast


    Amusement machines have been entertaining children for decades. The bright lights, sounds and prizes attract eager children looking for a game to pass the time. They may even stumble across a prize or two. No matter the case, there is no denying that adding a couple of amusement machines for your customers or patrons to play is a smart decision.

    We live in an era where technology is on the rise. For years, amusement machines included a small set of services, like traditional video games and pinball machines. Although both remain very popular, the variety of amusement machines has grown to a phenomenal size.

    A purpose of amusement machines is to provide a gaming experience that cannot be had while at home. It makes your caravan park, shopping centre or arcade a destination spot. There is a healthy completion between home and out-of-home gaming companies, which means when you hire machines from Lakes Amusement, you’re getting the latest the industry has to offer.


    Our amusement machines will generate business for you. Not only will more people come to your property, you get a share of all the money that’s put into the machine by customers. You get paid every time someone plays a game or tries to win a prize! Both you and your customers will be happy when you add machines to your property.

    We carry the latest amusement machines that technology has to offer

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